How to protect your valuables

When it comes to protecting your valuables and personal items you have two (2) options. The first option is included in our rate and the second carries an additional cost. These are explained below.

Standard Repair Coverage (Included)

As a moving labor company we are required to provide Standard Repair Coverage for each job we do. This coverage is based on valuation.

It covers 60 cents per pound for each item that we touch, or that is in your inventory (if one is provided).

Example - 50lb item = $30 reimbursed for repair (50lbs x 60 cents = $30)

Your items are covered while we:




Full-Value Replacement Coverage Insurance (Not Included)

This is a great option if you have a lot of heavy and/or antique items. It covers the full value of any damaged item in your inventory. The cost of this coverage is based on the total value of your items.

The total price is available to you after you complete the inventory.

To proceed further with Full-Value Replacement Coverage, visit


Even with coverage in place we still recommend taking these preventative measures:

  • Have furniture pads and moving tape available
  • Put all TVs in a box (wrapping them before doing so is even better)
  • If you hire us to load only, have some rope 
  • Label and tape your boxes